Born in an age of infinite wisdom and practiced stupidity , Tom started on his path to being an artist at age 3 influenced by the Bob Ross show on TV, Inspired by Mr. Ross, Tom figured that being an artist would be fun. As he progressed in age he found joy in drawing, especially in school where he frequently got into trouble for not paying attention to the lessons being taught.

Tom did however become a decent artist. Paying art gigs were hard to find just out of school, untill he discovered tattooing. He had a couple of tattoos himself, however he did not like the quality of work he saw. So, on the advice of a long time friend and artist Mike Tidwell, Tom decided to train to become a tattoo artist.

 After serving a tattoo apprenticeship under Richard Metts, Tom struck out on his own working  over the years before opening his own small studio in Clanton Alabama.
Tattooing allowed Tom to explore other areas of his artistic passions such as painting and sculpture.

While exploring these other interests Tom progressed from simple armor costume sculpting to more elaborate costumes and prosthetic appliances. Always learning, Tom persues  different techniques in sculpting, tattooing, as well as painting at every opportunity.

Tom is married to linda cuthbert and has a cat, sammie and 2 dogs obi and puffin’s.